The Garden

Welcoming warmer days, the Belvedere Secret Garden Bar celebrates the holiday season where guests can relax and enjoy refreshing drinks with the perfect blend of sunshine, the city, the mountain views and surrounding landscape. With incredible mixologists on site reinventing natural cocktails into something spectacular, this bar will showcase the vodka you never knew you needed in your life. Something that you will come back for, time and again.

All this with background sounds from local talent music talent.

Enjoy sweet fragrances and colours of traditional Cape Town vegetation. This garden speaks to the hearts and senses of all visitors, introducing them to the splendour of the Mother City’s greatest asset, nature. A garden for people who appreciate quality and who prefer to relax in luxury. Relaxation has never felt this good. Sitting in a nest swing sipping on Belvedere spritzers, surrounded by palms, trees  and water fountains, guests will find themselves feeling rejuvenated.


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